Welcome to Airshare

Join Airshare - Fly out of Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Airshare is a joint effort with GEM, the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet, and local businesses to solve the problem of connectivity with San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Ana and San Diego. We are developing a ride-sharing program designed to fit our community’s need for flights to commerce centers. By creating a consortium of travelers, we can generate a pool of passengers from which to create a custom air taxi service for approximately the same cost of commercial travel — or less.

If you wish to participate, please fill out the form below. We need your information in order to develop a relevant schedule and passenger loads. We will not sell this list and it is free to join; there is no cost to enroll nor are there monthly fees.

By joining Airshare you are not committing to flights or services; you simply gain access to a system where you can view availability of cooperative travel opportunities or post a request on the trip board that allows others to join you on a flight. The only time you will ever pay is when you actually purchase a trip. Think of Airshare in the spirit of Groupon or Living Social. Economies of scale apply; when more people ride together, the price goes down for everyone.

When you sign up, names are not viewable to the Airshare community of travelers unless you wish to post an open trip request. We respect your privacy and only provide transparency when initiated by the members themselves.

We know that together we can make this work. We strive to provide the best experience possible for our clients. We want traveling through the Airshare program to be a reliable and efficient service. Our goal is to make flying to and from Santa Barbara the very best part of your day.